Mumble Server Hosting

With voice communication, latency and downtime get you killed. We architected Remumble with gamers in mind so you can own newbies and bosses without interruption. After all, we're big nerds who play way too many videogames.

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Automatic Setup

Once you setup your Remumble account your server will initialize automatically and people will be able to connect. That means you can drop your current lazy Mumble host right now!

Server Widget

You can easily embed our Mumble Server widget in your website's HTML, and show people who'se connected. They can even launch Mumble preconfigured with your server info!

Stable Servers

Budget voice servers typically get you budget bandwidth itegrity, but Remumble has the architecture to keep you talking without the painful hiccups, and we don't hurt your wallet.

Easy Upgrades

Did your guild get too big? Just log in and change the number of slots you need and we will instantly give you more elbow room. Never be afraid to grow!

Free 5 Slot Mumble Server

Free servers are back! Feel free to try us out with a small group!

Free Mumble Server

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