Mumble Skins

Love how Mumble feels, but hate how it looks? The number of quality Mumble skins is woefully lacking, so we've provided some clean-looking ones free of charge!

Remumble Dark

A dark grey modern skin for people who don't like to be distracted/blinded by the Mumble client on their second monitor.

Download Remumble Dark

Remumble Light

A light grey modern skin for minimalists. Not a whole lot different from the base install, but definitely prettier.

Download Remumble Light

Mumble Skin Installation Instructions

Installing a Mumble skin is fairly simple. These instructions can be found in the README.txt file in these downloads.

  1. Create a "skins" folder in your Mumble installation directory if there isn't one already. (C:/Program Files (x86)/Mumble/)
  2. Extract your "skins" folder into the new "skins" directory.
  3. In Mumble, select "Configure" -> "Settings" -> "User Interface"
  4. Select "Browse" under the "Look and Feel" section and locate the "Remumble.qss" file.

Restart Mumble for best results.