About Remumble

Remumble was designed by gamers with gamers in mind. Our goal is to provide premium Mumble hosting with excellent uptime.

The Remumble Team

Our team has been providing premium multimedia hosting and streaming to the web for nearly a decade. When we're not doing that, we're killing zombies, elves, or whatever. It seemed like a natural fit to help improve the gamer voice communication market.

Our Service

We've built Remumble from the ground up to provide highly accessible Mumble management tools in a web environment. Our features include:

  • Automatic Server Setup

    Upon registering your server, it's ready to go. Never again will you have to wait for some Mumble troll to walk down the hall and flip a switch. We're modern!

  • Server Widget

    Does your clan or group have a website? Just copy and paste our widget code into your website to have a mumble-launcher and server monitor. We make it easy to avoid people you don't want to be alone with!

  • Stable Servers

    We've all heard about (or experienced) horror stories on our voice communication servers. We don't outsource the burden to shaky CDNs, so your won't be dropped unless you want to be.

  • Instant Upgrades

    Has your competitive edge created a surge in new guild applications? Add slots to your server from the website, and we'll get it done immediately.

Need Anything Else?

We're constantly listening to new ideas about improving voice hosting. If you'd like our service to do something it doesn't do, shoot us a message and we'll add it to the list. Not all ideas will be implemented, but it never hurts to ask!